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HTML Course OutLine

An introductory course in the creation of web sites. The course is taught in the UNIX and Windows environments. Basic UNIX commands are covered. All standard HTML tags are taught including hrefs, lists, tables and forms. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is also taught. An emphasis is placed on understanding HTML and CSS code.

Client side and server side scripting is taught using the following languages: Javascript, PHP, MySQL. Students create two projects: one is a static web site incorporating all the knowledge they acquire in the first half of the course, the other is a dynamic web site which uses one of the scripting methods covered in the course. In this second project the student is expected to learn on his own in greater depth and to demonstrate the scripting method of his choosing.

It is also possible for a student to do a CSS project, provided that it is sufficiently complex.

Attendance is required and constitutes a significant part of the grade. Periodic class room assignments are also part of the final grade.

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