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    About this course
    This course will equip administrators with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to build and run a VMware vSphere™ environment. This course focuses on the installation and configuration of VMware® ESX™/ESXi hosts and VMware vCenter™ Server. It also focuses on the management of ESX/ESXi hosts and virtual machines with vCenter Server.
    This course will help prepare IT professionals to achieve the status of VMware Certified Professional on vSphere.

    At course completion
    After completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Install and configure ESX or ESXi
    • Install and configure vCenter Server components
    • Use vCenter Server to configure and manage ESX/ESXi networking and storage
    • Deploy, manage, and migrate virtual machines
    • Manage user access to the VMware infrastructure
    • Use vCenter Server to monitor resource usage
    • Use vCenter Server to increase scalability
    • Use vCenter Server to manage data protection and high availability
    • Use VMware vCenter Update Manager to apply ESX/ESXi patches

    Course Curriculum

    Course Introduction
    Introduction to VMware Virtualization
    Explain the concept of virtualization 00:00:00
    Identify the benefits of using a virtual machine 00:00:00
    Describe the role of vSphere in the datacenter and the cloud 00:00:00
    Describe the role of a vSphere administrator 00:00:00
    VMware ESX and ESXi
    Overview of ESX/ESXi 00:00:00
    Configuring ESX/ESXi 00:00:00
    VMware vCenter Server
    Installing vCenter Server 00:00:00
    Using vCenter Server 00:00:00
    Creating vNetwork Standard Switches 00:00:00
    Modifying Standard Virtual Switch Properties 00:00:00
    Storage Concepts 00:00:00
    IP Storage: iSCSI and NAS/NFS 00:00:00
    Fibre Channel SAN Storage 00:00:00
    VMFS Datastores 00:00:00
    Virtual Machines
    Virtual Machine Concepts 00:00:00
    Creating a Virtual Machine 00:00:00
    Creating Templates and Clones 00:00:00
    vCenter Converter 00:00:00
    Modifying Virtual Machines 00:00:00
    Managing Virtual Machines 00:00:00
    Access Control
    Define a permission 00:00:00
    Describe the rules for applying permissions 00:00:00
    Create a custom role 00:00:00
    Create a permission 00:00:00
    Resource Monitoring
    Resource Controls and Resource Pools 00:00:00
    Virtual CPU and Memory Concepts 00:00:00
    Monitoring Resource Usage 00:00:00
    Using Alarms 00:00:00
    Data Protection
    Describe the strategy for backing up a host’s configuration data 00:00:00
    Describe a strategy for backing up virtual machines 00:00:00
    Describe solutions for backing up virtual machines 00:00:00
    Use VMware Data Recovery to back up and restore a virtual machine 00:00:00
    vCenter Linked Mode 00:00:00
    Host Profiles 00:00:00
    vNetwork Distributed Switches 00:00:00
    vMotion Migration 00:00:00
    DRS. 00:00:00

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    • 10 Days
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