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Active Directory 2012 (AD001)

Get Hands on instruction and practice administering Active Directory technologies in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in this Course. You will learn the skills you need to better manage and protect data access and information, simplify deployment and management of your identity infrastructure, and provide more secure access to data. You will learn how to configure some of the key features in Active Directory such as Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Group Policy, Dynamic Access Control (DAC), Work Folders, Work Place Join, Certificate Services, Rights Management Services (RMS), Federation Services, as well as integrating your on premise environment with cloud based technologies such as Windows Azure Active Directory. As part of the learning experience, you will perform hands-on exercises in a virtual lab environment.


    This course contains complete Active Directory Installation, Configuration and Administration. This is one of the unique course designed to fulfill requirement of people, looking for career in Active Directory and the people who wants to grow to the next role in active directory. It is an L2 and L3 level course, so the aspirant must have the Basic knowledge of server 2012.

    Active Directory Services with Windows 2012 R2 training program provides core skills to protect and manage data access information, simplify identity infrastructure deployment and management to provide secure data access to users from anywhere. This Active Directory training will enable professionals to gain in-depth knowledge of managing, securing and operating a Windows Server 2012 deployment.

    Audience: The Active Directory courses are highly recommended for system administrators, infrastructure administrators, AD DS administrators and IT professionals who wish to further build their expertise in Active Directory for Windows Server 2012.

    Course Curriculum

    Course Outline FREE 00:30:00
    Audience profile FREE 00:15:00
    Overview of Access and Information Protection
    Role of AD in AIP 00:45:00
    Authentication and Autherization 00:42:00
    AIP -Introduction 1 00:21:00
    API Continued… 00:30:00
    Capabilities for BYOD Scenarios 00:28:00
    FIM Introduction 01:00:00
    Installing Domain Controllers
    Install a New Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Forest 01:00:00
    Install a Replica Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller in an Existing Domain 01:00:00
    Install a New Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Child or Tree Domain 01:00:00
    Install a Windows Server 2012 Active Directory RODC 01:00:00
    Cloning Windows 2012 Virtual domain controller 01:00:00
    Install a replica Active Directory domain controller in an Azurevirtual network 01:00:00
    Securing AD DS
    Securing Domain Controllers 00:00:00
    Implementing Account Security 00:45:00
    Implementing and Administering AD DS Sites and Replication
    Overview of AD DS Replication 00:00:00
    Configuring AD DS Sites 00:00:00
    Configuring and Monitoring AD DS Replication 00:00:00
    Managing User Settings with Group Policy
    Implementing Administrative Templates 00:00:00
    Configuring Folder Redirection and Scripts 00:00:00
    Configuring Group Policy Preferences 00:00:00
    Deploying and Managing Certificates
    Using Certificates in a Business Environment 00:00:00
    Deploying and Managing Certificate Templates 00:00:00
    Managing Certificates Deployment, Revocation, and Recovery 00:00:00
    Implementing and Managing Smart Cards 00:00:00
    Implementing and Administering AD RMS
    Overview of AD RMS 00:00:00
    Deploying and Managing an AD RMS Infrastructure 00:00:00
    Configuring AD RMS Content Protection 00:00:00
    Configuring External Access to AD RMS 00:00:00
    Implementing and Administering AD FS
    Overview of AD FS 00:00:00
    Deploying AD FS 00:00:00
    Implementing AD FS for a Single Organization 00:00:00
    Deploying AD FS in a Business-to-Business Federation Scenario 00:00:00
    Extending AD FS to External Clients 00:00:00
    Monitoring, Managing, and Recovering AD DS
    Monitoring AD DS 00:00:00
    Managing the AD DS Database 00:00:00
    AD DS Backup and Recovery Options for AD DS and Other Identity and Access Solutions 00:00:00
    Implementing Windows Azure Active Directory
    Overview of Windows Azure AD 00:00:00
    Managing Windows Azure AD Accounts 00:00:00
    Implementing and Administering AD LDS
    Overview of AD LDS 00:00:00
    Deploying AD LDS 00:00:00
    Configuring AD LDS Instances and Partitions 00:00:00
    Configuring AD LDS Replication 00:00:00
    Integrating AD LDS with AD DS 00:00:00

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